Anna Stonex


My name is Anna Stonex and I am a full time equine vet based in Cheshire. 

I grew up on a farm in the Cotswolds before studying 2 degrees at the University of Liverpool, graduating as a veterinary surgeon in 2016. Outside of work I am a very keen amateur event rider. 


My main horse, Boo, a 12 yo 17.1hh TB, is owned by a family friend, Donald, who is an amazing support to us both. Over the last 5 years I've ridden Boo we have had a lot of fun, from introducing Boo to the world of eventing mid 2015 to qualifying for and competing at the Restricted Novice Championships at Gatcombe Festival in 2018. Boo has been placed in the top 10 in 10 of his 17 runs at Novice level and came 8th at his second attempt at CIC 1* (now CCI-S 2*). Before the 2020 season was put on hold we were aiming to re-qualify for Gatcombe Festival and compete at CCI-S 2*. We will continue to train at home until we are allowed out to party again. 


I am lucky enough to also be riding a home bred, Louis, who I was aiming to start competing this season. Louis is a 7yo, 17.1hh TB and has been given lots of time to mature and grow into himself. He is a real softie who loves food and people in equal measure and I hope he has a good future ahead of him. I still event his full brother, Clyde, a 12yo 16.3hh TB who I have had, and still have fun at BE100 level with. Clyde lives with my parents in the Cotswolds but we reconnect for a couple of events each year and I'm not sure who enjoys them more!


It is of course difficult to fit in training, working and other aspects of life but thankfully I thrive off being busy and on the go. Producing my own horses is my passion and I love the challenge trying to get the best out of myself and them, however frustrating that may be sometimes! In the past I have really struggled with consistent training for multiple reasons including costs which not only effects performance but also confidence. 

I therefore feel very fortunate for the support Equibuild are offering me and my horses. To be associated with a forward thinking, hard working company is really special and I look forward to working with them in the future

Anna's Updates

10th June 2020

Today Anna's new smart branded ride wear arrived!! 

27th April 2020

Hi Equi-build community. Although I hoped and envisaged my first post would be one relating to a competition update, I thought it was just as important to touch base now to check how you are all doing in this very difficult and uncertain time. 


I know a lot of horse owners in particular have found it difficult to know what to do with their horses during the lockdown. For me, the frustration of having a horse who spent most of last season off with injury now fully fighting fit and on top form just prior to lockdown was unbearable for a short period before perspective kicked in.  


I hope this doesn’t come across the wrong way but I have learnt to try and look for the positive in situations (having had my fair share of horse heartbreak). I am therefore quietly appreciating how lockdown has given me the time to reflect, focus, take a step back and work on the basics. With being a full time equine vet, I am often rushing around and trying (and sometimes failing) to keep 2 horses and myself fit, finding time and focus for lessons and competition prep while maintaining a social life and relationship with my non- horsey husband! Although I am fortunate enough to still be working, I now have more time on my hands and have enjoyed spending it with the horses. I have been able to practice my limited long reining skills and I have really enjoyed making use of the fields at the yard to get both horses benefiting from pole work, walking over different terrains and attempting to mimic some water treadmill fitness in the water jump. It’s been a learning curve for me certainly and I think we can learn a lot from our horses way of going through long reining. I am interspersing ground work days with hacking which has resulted in some gorgeous hacks and I am trying to stay out the arena, where I feel I spent most the winter, as much as possible. 


I am keeping everything crossed that normality returns as soon as normal but in the meantime I hope everyone is staying safe and trying to make the most of a bad situation. My sincere thanks to the wonderful key workers and NHS staff who are putting themselves at risk to keep us safe.

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